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Paula Hamilton       Level 3 Advanced Personal Training Diploma, First Aider, Kettlebell and Vipr Instructor and Nutritional Advisor

I am a mother of three sons and also step mother to three sons so life is always busy and active. I have REPS Level 3 Advanced Personal Training Diploma which I gained in 2012. I am passionate about all sports. I not only play tennis, golf  and participate in triathlon, running and cycling events but am also an enthusiastic rugby, football and cricket supporter for my sons.

I was a solicitor for many years but having spent time looking after my children and being inspired by their enthusiasm and love of life decided to embark on new goals of my own and to follow my own passion – health and fitness. Having practised pilates and yoga for many years I particularly focus on posture and building core strength. I also have a wealth of experience with a range of exercise equipment for example free weights, step, bosu, stability ball, resistance bands, kettlebells and vipr. I have been trained to design fitness programmes personal to you and which I work on with you and adapt as your health and fitness improves.

I have recently completed a golf fitness specialisation course to supplement my knowledge. I am able to provide specialised exercises and support to develop and improve stability, flexibility and strength targeted towards improving performance on the golf course.

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