Quick Summer Workout

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If you are struggling to find time for your own fitness regime during the summer holidays why not try the following simple but high intensity workout? It can be done anywhere (inside or out) anytime and will really get your heart rate going.

Perform each of the following exercises for 20 seconds then rest for 10 seconds after each one (total time for complete circuit 2 mins).
burpees1*start in low squat with hands on the floor

*kick feet back together to press up position burpees2

burpees3*kick feet back to squat position

*leap up as high as possible from squat position repeat burpees4

mountain climbers:
*get into full press-up position arms straight
and body in line from head to ankles
*keeping back in position raise right knee
towards chest
*return to starting position and repeat with
left leg
*speed up!!

jumping jacks/star jumps

Repeat as many times as you can aiming to build to 8 repetitions (16 minutes of very high intensity workout)


To make the exercises a little easier perform the burpees and mountain climbers with your hands on a park bench or a step instead of the ground
To make the workout harder increase the intensity. Try to perform the same number of repetitions (or more)in your last circuit as you did in your first circuit.

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