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How do you know when you are really FIT?

Physical fitness has several different components – cardiovascular fitness, muscular strength, muscular endurance, flexibility and body composition (the ratio of fat to lean tissue)

Whilst a base level of fitness is required, a key element of sport is being fit to compete and having a specific type of fitness relevant to your sport. Our sport-fit workouts are designed to help you achieve just that. At The No1 Ladies Fitness Agency each workout or group of workouts is unique to you. It is created especially for you, taking into account your level of fitness, and is targeted specifically at helping you achieve your chosen sport fitness goals. No matter what level of sport you play addressing each of these components will help you to improve your performance, enjoy your game and remain injury free.

If you feel stuck in a rut and in need of motivation The No1 Ladies Fitness Agency can help you to select realistic fitness goals to re-ignite your enthusiasm for your sport.


Increase your flexibility, free your body’s natural inhibitions and develop your natural swing. Enhance your power, stability and balance to hit the ball further.


Improve your muscular endurance to hit your final shots as effectively as your first. Be fitter, quicker, faster and stronger to outperform your opponent on the court.



Push through fatigue barriers to establish new endurance thresholds. Find that little bit extra to get you up those hills.

Sooo hard!


Run further, faster or for longer. Commit to a stretching programme to run injury free. Include free weights to improve muscular strength and help your body adapt to the impact it sustains from running.


Build muscle strength and endurance to keep you on the slopes for longer. Physical fitness is the key to staying fit, enjoying your holiday and getting the most out of your skiing.

We did it!This list is not exhaustive. It simply acts as a guide as to what our sport-fit programmes are all about.  Whatever your sport let The No1 Ladies Fitness Agency design a programme for you to help you achieve your potential.

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