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I have been feeling the benefit of using Paula’s care and expertise for well over a year now and I have no hesitation in recommending her totally.

I started to use Paula after I had developed a shoulder impingement that I wanted to improve. Paula’s knowledge of the body, her ability to understand the needs of the individual being trained, her enthusiasm and encouragement are all outstanding. I have a great feeling of security when I train with her. Her communications skills are excellent and her empathy wonderful.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Paula to anyone. I am fitter, my back, shoulders and posture have much improved and indeed I’m more supple than I was and I am 65!
Thank you Paula!


Morning Paula, Just letting you know I’ve been waking with stiff shoulders and neck over past week or two……but not today after yesterday’s FIT session, thank you!!. Al xx



Great session this morning thanks, enjoyed the multi gym💪xx


The one to one attention and focus of personal training sessions has really suited me and it is the only form of exercise I have ever stuck to – so much so that I actually look forward to the sessions and miss it on holiday breaks. Training takes place in a space in my garage if it is wet but often we train in the local park doing circuits of running, using the benches and TRX on a perfect tree we have found to use. Other equipment and interest is introduced with weights, the mat, poles and balls. 

I don’t quite know how Paula does it but no two sessions have ever been the same. She has managed to keep my interest by altering exercises not only in the type but using different pace and equipment.

I have lost over a stone in weight and my body feels different. I have more energy, hold myself differently and I am more active in almost everything I do. Making time for the sessions and coaching me to make that time has been part of what Paula has achieved for me. She made me reflect on work life balance and stop making excuses as to why I had no time for exercise. She emails tips, hints and challenges and reinforces what I can do in just 10 minutes.

Overall Paula has given me confidence, my skiing has improved markedly because I am fitter and I have taken up a new exercise challenge of paddle boarding. I will need my core strength for that and it should make a difference in the sessions. Just when I am getting comfortable Paula pushes me that bit harder. Despite the fun she introduces she is a stickler for correct technique and never let’s me get away with slacking. I need that firm but fair drive. I would say to anyone especially busy working women of my age take time to get fit, it benefits all aspects of your life and personal training has opened that up for me.


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