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The No1 Ladies Fitness Agency has been developed by women for women in the South Manchester area. We understand the pressures you experience every day juggling work/home and family life. We appreciate how difficult it is to incorporate regular exercise into your day. We believe that personal training could make the difference.

Have you ever wondered how a personal trainer could benefit you? Have you ever thought about having a personal trainer come to your home or meet you to train in the local park?

Think of the benefits. No expensive gym membership and no wasted travel time. We bring all the equipment you need. Space is no object. We guarantee you a great workout whatever space you have available. You then shower and change afterwards in the comfort of your own home. You enjoy the benefits of exercise without the hassle.

Why choose The No1 Ladies Fitness Agency?

Listen We listen first. Tell us about your goals and aspirations. Do you want to lose body fat, improve aerobic fitness or change your diet? Do you want to train for a particular event? Your goals are as individual as you are.

Goal!Discuss We discuss with you how to manage and realistically achieve your goals. Together we create a personal exercise and nutrition programme to help you reach those goals both in your sessions with your personal trainer and on your own.

Act The fun starts here! You enjoy your own bespoke exercise programme targeting the areas you want to work under the expert guidance of The No1 Ladies Fitness Agency.

We owe it to ourselves and those close to us to keep fit and healthy. Have you ever said “I cannot afford to be ill. How would my family/partner/work colleagues cope?” We are the glue that holds everything together and yet we spend such a large proportion of our time looking after others there is little time left for ourselves.

Let The No1 Ladies Finess Agency redress the balance. You won’t be disappointed. We will leave you not only looking and feeling great but de-stressed and better able to juggle all the elements of your life with a smile.

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